I CAN'T HELP BUT THINK OF THE GREAT DEANDRE COLE this time of year and his classic What's Up With That? Because really!, what is up with the time change...

... and why is DST not ST?

Is it me or wouldn't y'all much rather ride the morning from dark to light than kiss your afternoons good night...

... so dang early?

I reckon it depends on where ya live.  But, where I live I'd much rather be on DST all year long.

Which reminds me of Deandre who always haD to cut his shows off with...

... Well, we outta time!

And yes, you're almost outta time to get a custom RaceDay Bag™ for the holidays:

  • a personalized RaceDay Bag™ 
  • and, a dedicated Way of The RACER book.

I have a special link for our Stock Designs with a personalization option... it's hidden to the unwashed masses, but I'm sharing it with you.

Get on this before it's too late-> 

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Whatever name you type in will be printed... so be creative!

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Custom bags require about 3 week, so order now to have in time for the holidays...

... we'll do our magic...

... and you'll have one extremely stoked friend that is blown away by your very personal generosity.

Trust me, there's nothing better.

Use this promo code to save a few bucks -> PERSONAL

Plus... I'll also add a signed The Way of The Racer book to your gift.

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8 hrs 
13 PullUps 26 PushUps
Stretch + Hypervolt
120 minutes reading books + journaling