THE FELLAS RIBBED ME PRETTY GOOD THIS MORNING.  For the past month or more, every Monday night in our group text I confirmed I was a solid 50/50 for our Tuesday morning ride.

I missed 'em all.

We've been busy.

So last night, figuring we were shutting down the office for a few days, I confirmed I was definitely in.

Stayed up late dusting off the road bike,
fixing a flat,
affixing the lights,
making my drinks,
stacking my snacks,
laying out all the layers,
going down my list and checking it twice.

Yep, I was geeked to see the freaks...
they are ya know,
for sure...
up every Tuesday well before the sun,
40ish strong in the fair weather months
20ish stronger in the dark and cold winters

... you get the idea, these are my guys (and occasional gals) and I was looking forward to a long ride and talking about the holiday plans and who's in town and what they were looking forward to and you know... 

Up at 520, out the door at 540.

Right on time.

Half a mile from home... did I mention it rained all night and the roads were still slick and it was dark?... I hit the lone piece of glass in the road.  Sliced my new tire.

Tsssst, tsssssst, tsssssssst.... I came to a stop.


Turned around, coasted downhill, rushed inside, through everything on the gravel bike and gave it all I had.

Caught the fellas half way through the ride.

It was just what I needed.

At the finish, we gathered and wished each other well... and one of my pals said...

Ya know, I'm glad you finally made it back out... we were afraid Definitely! is the new 50/50.


The house is quite now.  We've been to Gramma's and back.  Our marrieds are with the outlaws and those still here are a sleep, like babies.

I'm up, doing my Santa thing... definitely!


It's hard, well impossible, to see the new KOM Windbreaker I wore this morning.  It was perfect.  No wind gets through, all I had on underneath was a jersey and arm warmers.

This video is pretty cool where I show how it neatly fits in my back jersey pocket.

If you can ride now, this jacket is made for you... if you're snowbound for a bit, this jacket will get you out sooner.


0/0 (lazy)
6.5 hrs sleep

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