EARLY SATURDAY, on my way to meet the gang, I blasted through a quiet park.  Cars and trucks were pulling in, people were piling out with their...

... pickleball paddles in hand.

I've played a few times.
It's pretty fun.
Like tennis.

Is it just me, or did pickleball rise at the same time e-bikes rose?
What does that mean?

Anyway, these guys and gals are all piling out to meet and play their new found love.

I'm cool with that...

  • exercise
  • camaraderie
  • learning something new

... it's just nor for me,
not right now.

I decided a long time ago I'd rather be my best at 1 thing...

... than okay at many.

Even then, 
I'm not 100% committed to a segment of cycling.

My cross training involves...

  • paddleboard surfing for balance, core and time with Surfergirl
  • long walks in deep sand for massage my feet
  • cross training every day for strength

... all activities that bolster cycling.

My food choices tilt towards what an athlete would chose when going for lean vs bulky...

  • whole foods
  • lots of protein
  • little to no bread

All decisions compound over time...

... and determine our destiny.

Where do you want to go?
How quickly do you want to get there?


8.5 hrs
no strength work
20 minutes recovery
90 minutes reading + Journaling