I HAVE A FRIEND.  It's not you, I hope.

He's always asking me to do this hard ride or meet up with that fast group.  I always say no.

He and I already pound it pretty hard on Tuesday at the TMWC.

On Saturdays, if we're not racing, we're usually full gas for at least an hour... often a lot more.

He can't get enough... keeps inviting me to rip these other rides on the other days of the week.

I think he's nuts.  He thinks I'm weak. 

He's always complaining that he's tired and his legs feel terrible.  I always say... reeaaallly?


ON RELATED NOTE, the STRAVA Fitness & Form tool is pretty cool.  I think it's a good indicator of how fresh I am.  The Friday before NOSCO, my form was +13.  Last Friday, before HUNKR-LA, my form was +9.  Monday, after HUNKR-LA, for form was -18.  Fool that I am, I rode TMWC at a good clip and pushed my form down to -28.  Tomorrow, I'll paddle board surf in the morning and do some core work at night.  Friday morning will be a very easy spin.  I'm guessing my form will be back even or slightly positive come Saturday.  I've learned I'm only good for 2 hard days a week.  How hard those I make those days depends on where I am in the season.

So yeah, I love ya... but it's a No thanks.

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