I TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES WHEN I RIDE.  Some of them are decent.  Some I hot up a bit.  Some inspire what I'm going to write.  Some support what I rode.

Take this pic... the low sun, making the long wheels.

Capturing that moment, of riding at the end of a long day. 

I specifically remember this one from a month or so back.  It had been long... early start filled with some rather unique challenges.  Not impossible, but not easy.  I was grinding as the day came to a close... really hustling... I wanted to get out and clear my head before heading home for the evening.

Sometimes it's better to get a ride in before turning in.

This was one of 'em.

And the long shadows were both reminder and reward for a day well spent.

An industrious day, on and off the bike.  If you've felt that way, maybe you'd like to sport the softest tshirt on the planet... just to kick around in.

I know TBD Racing loves this t-shirt because we are making a bunch with their team logos.

Comes in 5 different colors, sells for $19.99 and shipping is included.

Unless you use promo code: LONGWHEELS

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Stretch n roll
7.5 hours sleep

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