A COUPLE OF WINTERS BACK THE GREAT MARK CAVENDISH WAS ON A LOCAL TRAINING RIDE.  Like a fool, I thought surely I could climb with this biggish sprinter who was considered past his prime...

... how wrong I was.

The whole world has been wrong about Cav and there are  2 reasons he took the V today at TdF.

Consider this and you may consider shedding some tears yourself, I certainly did - but I'm a softy.

You see, Cav' had been written off. 

Tossed on the heap of discarded human engines deemed no longer worthy to be powering carbon super bikes.  Few thought he'd even be riding professionally this year, or ever.

But, things aren't always as they seem.

First, Patrick Lefevere who runs the best sprinting team in the sport, gave him a chance.  Patrick believed in Cav'.  This wasn't a charity hire or promotional stunt, as many believed...

... If I thought Mark Cavendish was done, I would not have taken him back.

Second, with the faith of Lefevere, the best leadout train in the business cued up and delivered Mark to the point where he could prove he still has what it takes to win.

At one time or another, if we've lived any kind of life going for any kind of greatness, we've all been doubted.  Even discarded.  We've wanted to crawl in a hole and disappear.

So, yeah, I get those tears Mark...

... To have someone say I believe in you, to earn the respect of a great team, to deliver once again when all said Impossible...

... that, brother, is worthy of a flood of emotion.

The question, of course, is are you going to treat yourself to a massage after a big day in the saddle like Mark?

I am, almost every night these days.

Because it's easy and convenient.

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