TODAY REMINDED ME OF HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO CROSS TRAIN THE RIGHT WAY.  Sure it's important to cross train, but not just for the sake of cross training itself.  Proper cross training takes 1 + 1 and makes 3.

Take surfing.

When you paddle out to surf you are hoping to catch a wave.  So are 10 or more guys.  Waves, the good ones, come infrequently.  Everybody is on high alert.  You've got to outmaneuver all those hungry lions.

Surfers that catch waves are looking hundreds of yards into the horizon, searching for a shadow or a ripple that will turn into a nice, thick wall of charging water.

You have to be very coy.  If you see a good one, somehow you've got to get to the right spot without alerting everybody what you're up do. It's a very fine art.

Assuming you've put yourself in the right location and it's yours, you still have to time your effort to catch the wave.  You can't just paddle and you can't sprint forever.

Sound familiar? 

You've got to all out sprint for 10-30 seconds just to get up to speed to actually catch the elusive energy that will launch you down the face of the wave.

It's a whole lot like sprinting on a bike.

Paying attention, noting the approaching finish, finding the right wheel or hole, then unleashing all you've got.

That's how to cross train... ask yourself, what can I take from this activity and apply to my bike racing?  Or, what can I take from bike racing and apply towards my career?

Here's another one.

I like to play chess online.  Especially the 5 minute format where each player has 5 minutes.  There's the mental aspect... hatching plans, adjusting to the other players moves... and all the while that clock is ticking down.

It's a lot like racing as well.  

Each racer has a plan.  Almost always you've got to make adjustments along the way... and all the while that finish line is getting closer.  Somebody's gonna win.

I like to think chess helps me see the end game of any endeavor.

One more.

I like writing these posts.  It's a creative outlet, and I know at least 2 people have found the information useful.

I also like reading.  I try and read a book a week.  To expand my limited knowledge and to be exposed to different writing styles.

Ultimately that reading improves the writing.

Yes, do the cross training... but, do it with purpose.

We try to be purposeful in our designs.  One design that I love is the one we did for the Day of The Dead.  And whadaya know we rang up a couple of sales on those kits today.

It's one of my all time favorites.

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