HAVE YOU EVER SHAKEN A COWBOY'S HAND?  I'm not talking about one of them weekend line dancers, I'm talking an honest to gosh working cowboy.  Like my cousin...

... it's like shaking hands with a telephone pole.

They are hard, strong and immovable.

It can be intimidating for most of us, because we instantly realize we are so pathetically weak.

But, real cowboys, for the most part, are skinny and lean...

... and they don't go to the gym.

I was reminded of this by my friend Jim, who was originally Don's friend Jim Fromthegym.  He was complaining about gaining weight since he started lifting weights.

How do the cowboys do it?

Strong, yet sinewy.

They are constantly lifting and working physically throughout the day, which is what I've been preaching...

... to my apparently deaf choir.

Yes, lift weights...

... but, lift like a cowboy vs a musclebeachboy.



Heavy weights.
Low reps.

... by daily, I mean throughout the day.

Get up, do a set.
Get some work down, do a set.

Don't drive to the gym.
Don't get sweaty.
Don't pump up.

Just be cowboy strong.

Which reminds me of how to handle your bike like a cowboy, maybe I'll share that some other day.

The point is to be RaceDay Ready™.

Which is what the R stands for.

This PEDALindustries R kit comes with magical properties:

  • 20% Savings on everything all the time
  • Access to the RaceDay Ready™ Strava Group where you can ask me anything.
  • Plus, the beta version of my RaceDay Ready™ 10 Week Program
  • and more.


8.2 hrs 
0 Pull Ups + 10 Power PushUps +5 Heavy Squats 
25 minutes recovery
45 minutes reading + Journaling