NOBODY IS, SHOULD EVER, JUST BE HANGING OUT IN THEIR BIBS.  The lifestyle of our sport is unlike our local surf culture.  We wear our sport on our glowing faces, which radiate health, because we regularly raise our heart rates...

... that's not the only place our lifestyle beams.

Just look at our legs!  They are almost ageless.  Muscles rippling and taught, ready to unleash our might fury.

It's not just our skin.

I don't know any proper cyclist who wears anything but cycling socks.  Dress socks, boring.  Tube socks, terrible.

We have an endless supply of race t-shirts.  Some are real keepers, worn well beyond their Use By date.

Leadville does something cool, they give you a track jacket with your name and finishing time printed on it.  That jacket serves as a reminder of what I've done, and what I can do...

... and I'll be thinking about it tomorrow as I ride the mountains with the posse members who are doing Leadville this summer.

After, I'll be donning a piece of cycling apparel you may not have in your vast collection of treasures.

Yes... an apron, because I'll be working the backyard BBQ like a boss.  

It's the same apron I use when cranking on my bike.

With handy pockets for my most common tools, and parts I need to briefly store, it's extra efficient and keeps me clean.

I whipped up a bunch for the PEDALposse.  If you're part of the posse, then it's on it's way.

If you're not...

... there are a few extras you can order here:

... or you can join the posse and get the apron as your first PEDALposse gift here:

But, you should only join the PEDALposse if you're into receiving cool surprises every month, saving an obscene amount on gear, and being part of what we're all about.

Have an awesome 3 day weekend with your 2 wheeled lover.


166 lbs 
8.2 hours - 
Pull Ups and Push UPs

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