THERE'S A CERTAIN MISPLACED CONFIDENCE one can get with a high level of fitness.  I'm unsure as to whether it's healthy or not... I mean it is healthy, well healthy related... I guess it's just ego.

Before you go spiritualbuddhamystic on me... just admit it... you feel it too.

For instance, I remember - distinctly remember - when all the ladies were fawning over my massivefootballstar friend thinking to myself... Yeah, he's cool and has big manly muscles but ladies I can drop him any time I want on a bike.

Or, the time I compared myself to myself to Mike Tyson... Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth/I unleash my sprint.

One of my favorites was the time young Miles joined us on the Saturday Hour of Power... he was quite sure he'd stick it to us and I was thinking... you're sizing us up based on age and you're about to get a lesson in cardiokungfu bikestyle.

Confidence is one of Miles great traits. 

I remember how confident he was that within no time he'd pay me back on the bike - which he did, and I loved.  Better, I remember how confident he was that he'd overcome his visual challenges and turn them into a plus thereby pursuing his dream as part of the US Navy.

It's the kind of confidence that only comes with miles on a bike, or time spent on any endeavor.

The more dense the training, the more dense the the results...ConfiDense.

Of course another definition of dense is stupid, and yes I know it's stupid to compare myself to others... I still do it more than I care to admit.

Want more confidense?

You don't even have to wear this shirt to gain confidense... just having it your drawer and seeing it is magical.


163.8  lbs 
8 hours sleep
no time to ride

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