IS THE AGE OF COMPETITION DEAD?  Are there no more winners and losers?  As grand as gran fondos are, and as tickly as the dopamine hit I get from Strava cup is... I miss the huge fields and butt whippings of the late 80s and early 90s.

When he lined up like gladiators.  To race.  To win.

When seeing stars and tasting blood while training.  Was common.

Have we just gone soft?

We lost almost every single time.  Some of us never won, or even got a sniff of it.  But we kept coming.  We kept charging.  Because something inside us was aching to be unleashed.

The competition held us accountable.  We discovered who we were.  We learned to win.  And we learned to lose.

A wise man once said, Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better.

So I say...

Ride the gran fondo, for fun.
Get the Strava thingies, for the high.
Do the group ride, to make friends.

Race your bike,
Set a PR you thought was impossible,
Find out who you are.

A winner.


165 lbs
20 pull ups/60 push ups
Ride with us: click for info.