TOMORROW SURFERGIRL AND I ARE GOING TO AN MTB PARK - her choice - and I expect to find some steep entries.  These are often preceded by a gentle ho-hum trail... only it looks like the trail ends and you're going to go flying off into the tree tops.

The natural thing to do is roll slow... then you have a choice...

... stop because you're unsure...

... or roll with confidence...

... what you cannot do, EVER!, is think about it with one wheel over the edge or worse both wheels.

You must commit to quit or ride it out.

If you commit to ride it you have one (1) objective...

... to stay laserfocused on the trail ahead.

Do not look down.
Do not try and stop.
Do not look at all the boulders and other hazzards... the shiz that can do ya in.

Your vision must be only on the trail, on the goal, on the prize.

Feel free to apply liberally to any and all quests for greatness.

You know what else I'll be applying liberally tomorrow?

Chamois Butt'r, for a coupla reasons.  One, I hoping they have a great burger/bbq so she can eat and I can shred a little longer.  Two, after we ride we'll be driving up to Big Bear Lake for some RnR... in other words, no shower right after.

I've found a healthy dollop of the Butt'r to be excellent at protecting my special purpose on those days I taint gonna be hitting the shower right quick.


While I won't be needing the PR Lotion to keep up with 'er, I'm including it with the promotion...

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165 lbs
Stretch N Roll
7.6 hours sleep