AT OUR CHILLY BOARD MEETING THIS MORNING we asked Trevor if he had cold feet.

Present:  Me, my baby bros Matt n Brandon... and Trev, my oldest.

Occasion:  Tomorrow Trev ties the knot.

Seems like we just yanked off the training wheels... I remember his skinned knees and unquenchable grin... 

I can do it Dad, let go!

It ain't easy.

To let go.

I doubt I ever really will.

There is a link that can't be broken. 

Biological, yes. 

But, the experiences we've shared frame the way we approach life.  Together and apart.

We've ridden boards, bikes and motos... done some racing, too...

My very favorite, the one that says who he is as a human, man, spouse?

I can do it Dad...

I reckon that's my toast tonight... to a wild and peaceful ride!



164.2 lbs
6 hours sleep
Surf sesh
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