YEAH, THE RECOVER IS GOING PRETTY GOOD.  Spoke to my neuroscientist pal, who confirmed my suspicions.  It's good news for me...

... is it good news for you?

Well, yeah, if you taking the Rip On RaceDay 30-Day Challenge.

If you're not, then sit up and pay attention.

Here's what he said.

You're probably doing so well because...

  • you're exercising every day
  • not eating bread
  • staying away from grains
  • not drinking diet drinks or artificial sweeteners
  • eating plenty of veggies and protein
  • getting outside in the sunshine
  • lifting weights
  • getting plenty of sleep, 9-10 or more hours

... right?

I sheepishly said Yes.

Which was mostly true.

But, I gotta cut out all grains and all bread, even my beloved chips and salsa and special sour dough bread.  I've backslid on the diet drinks, those gotta go.  Other than that, I'm mostly on track.

Main thing I need to add is a lot more fish oil.  
Not a problem, I love sardines.

in other words, it's time to practice ALL that I preach.

So, how're you doing?  Yes, you my loyal reader.  How. Are. You. Doing?

Could you tighten things up a bit?

Or, do you need a serious crack in the head like I got to up your game?

Which brings me back to the title of this post, Coddled vs. Throttled?

Here's the dill, for me...

... I prefer to be throttled.

Put me on a ridiculously difficult course, in with the heavy hitters, tell me the honesttogosh truth...

... make me suffer!

Then, and only then, I might merit some coddling.

Maybe it's time for a serious challenge...

... and little coddling 30 days later?

Rip On RaceDay 30-Day Challenge


165.9 lbs
9ish hrs sleep
PullUps, PushUPs, Split Squats, Shoulder Presses
20 minutes recovery 
120 minutes reading + Journaling