SHOULD YOU HAVE A CYCLING COACH?  Only if you want to improve quicker, and avoid the potholes along the path to enlightenment.

How do you know a good coach from a wannabe?

Imagine a huge event, the gran fondo of a lifetime or even a national championship.  Racer X is huffing and puffing, giving all there is to give...

Wannabe coach says, Try harder.

Good coach says, Drink more.

The good coach knows you and knows you're already doing all you can do... but, can see things you can't see and can give tools and advice you can implement.

Where to find a good coach?

Good coaching can be found...

In books.

On podcasts.

By riding with the local experts.

And of course you can pay for a personal coach.  

In most cases, you get what you pay for.

Just remember Try harder! is not coaching.


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