THERE IS SO MUCH CHEAP ENTERTAINMENT ON A BIKE.  I love to admit it, some of the very best is when a friend flies off the trail and lands in the tree below... clipped in, upside down... with a sliced shin.

If you're a rider, and you're tough, and you signed up for said adventures... shiz like that be really funny.  Whether it's you or your pal.

So, there we were laughing our helmets off only last night!

Poor unnamed rider X.

Don't tell my wife, I'll wear pants for a few days.

Copy that cowboy.

Just like that we rode on... bleeding, smashed shifter dangling... doing our thang.

I was reminded of that story this morning when I got an email from my Aussie mate Tony.

Hi Todd,

Every ride where I use your XL RaceDay bag I am reminded of you. ( I always laugh when someone say  SH@T I left my gloves at home and point to my bag).

Yep... that's super funny, and happens all the time.

Reminds me of the time I forgot my kit and raced a crit in surf trunks and a tank top.  Really wanted to win that won after all the shaming.  No luck.

I've laughed a million times thinking about that race.

Even funnier was when my friend got kicked out of a race for doing a towel change in the pits... by the Sheriff!

Too bad she didn't have a changing poncho... hahahaha!

You know what they say... Modest is hottest!


Pedalposse... use your super code.


165.6 lbs 
Stretch n Roll
8 hours sleep