WATCHING LIEGE BASTON LIEGE THIS MORNING I had to say... Those roads are awful! Skinny, old and potholed. 

Conversely, racers at yesterday's TT in Italy complained about the very same conditions. 

Meanwhile, XC racers in The Czech Republic are racing on a course downhillers would struggle on a decade ago.

I'll say this...

... learning to race and ride in chaos gives ya a helluva lot more control.

Who are the greatest bike handlers?  MTBrs and Sprinters.


Which comes first?

We all start with our godgivens, for sure... and riding in unpredictable situations, practicing on bad terrain, expecting to be challenged increases our ability to thrive where others struggle and fail.

Each skill we add is one more cog in our cassette.

Which is exactly why I enjoy riding this bike so much.  I can work on group riding skills, dirt road skills, single track skills, curb jumping skills...

... more of those proverbial cogs equals more options for control when the chaos hits.

If you're in the PEDALposse... message me for pricing.


160.2 lbs
Stretch n Roll
8.3 hours sleep

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