THE WHOLE CAT 5 THING OF USA CYCLING IS JUST PLAIN WHACK.  Putting a guy like the Bull who's been laying waste to local group rides and is an excellent bike handler in with the 5's for 10 races just makes no sense.  He's raced 3 times and won all 3 going away.  Not even close.  

The Bull reminds me a lot of Inspector Harry Callahan.
He knew when he was lucky and when he wasn't.
Harry was a man of supreme talent.
He knew his limitations.

Surely there is someone in the USAC Kingdom that is able to recognize when a rider is more than ready to move up. 

Is the 10 races requirement to make sure the bulls get bored before moving on and gunning down the 4s, 3s, 2s and maybe 1s? The higher categories deserve it, and The Bull deserves a worthy opponent.

Or, maybe the purpose of the 10 races is to get all the money out of The Bull possible?  But, that doesn't make any sense either... because you've got that boredom factor.

I dunno... If I were Inspector for a day, I'm pretty sure I could tell who was ready to take flight and who needs a little more practice time.

But, I'm not.
I'm just a dude with an opinion,
and a bull for a friend.

One week 'til HUNKR OC
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