I APPRECIATE JON ASKING IF HE CAN ASK A STUPID QUESTION, because there really are stupid questions...

Like do my bib straps go over my jersey?

... but Jon's wasn't.

In regards to tomorrow's heinous undertaking, Creek To Peak: 

What type of bike are you riding?  Gravel?  I'm contemplating joining but have never done it.

Dear Jon,


If my gravel bike wasn’t such a  POS I’d def consider it.   My next gravel bike will not be made of galvanized plumbing pipes...
it’ll be light with some suspension...
then, while slower on a few sections would be faster on others, and possibly faster than the MTB. 

See ya in the morning!

What can you, my fine friend, learn from this question?

  1. Like Jon, it's always wise to learn as much as you can about the course and there's nobody better to learn that from than some nut who's donedone it before.
  2. Picking the right tool for the job can make a big difference in the outcome... especially on a course such as this - lots a pavement, dirt roads, and a smattering of rocky stuff.
  3. I clearly have gravelbike envy.

The tool I'll be using to protect the rocks inside my skull will be the very excellent KASK Valegro...

They claim it has thermo-cooling and advanced ventillation through 37 - THIRTYSEVEN!! - holes.

I claim it looks cool and fits great.

It really is excellent for long MTB rides that start at the beach, cross multiple streams, climb over 9000' in 82 miles and include free Mexican popsicles and Mexican Coke...

... which, ya know, is what Jon was asking about.

You might be asking if there's a promo code, which is not a dumb question.

Use KASK10 before sundown on Sunday.


166.6 lbs <- whattheheck?
PullUpsPushUPs and roll them legs
7 hours sleep


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