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SURE THE RIDE IS DONE, but we’re not.  We’re hoping you all made it home safely and are resting up on this fine Veteran’s day.  You earned it!

We’re working on a couple of things for you:

Robert Plumb is busy touching up photos and uploading them.  Like you, he has immense talent on the bike… and behind the lens.

Podium finishers returned throughout the afternoon and a number of you missed out on your photos and awards.  This week we’ll mailing out to awards to those who missed the podium ceremony.

Here’s the link to all the results: https://revolutionbikefest.com/results/2018-hunkr-la/

The men’s and women’s podium earned $550 each.  That’s real money, and it was earned by some of the fastest racers in Southern California:  Brian McCulloch, Brian Scarbrough and Tinker Juarez finished in that order; and Rhonda Quick, Kirsten Darley and Tina Burch took home the Women’s honors in that order.

That’s a tough, tough crew of racers right there.  No shame in finishing behind them.

The only thing we are feeling is inspired.  Inspired by your warrior spirits.  The course was not a casual ride.  It required a 100% effort the whole way.  Inspired by the beauty of Castaic and the surrounding mountains.  Inspired by each other, the team pulled off a great event.

Why are you still reading this?… shouldn’t you be out for a recovery ride or a massage or an ice-cream cone? training for HUNKR OC in March ’19?

Y’all Are Awesome!

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