THIS IS KINDA GROSS, but it's true.

After losing the battle at LeBigfamilyholidaydinner #1, aka Thanksgiving, I noticed a new way to measure my blubber.

Rather than hop on the scale, I just stare at my belly button.  What was once a button hole is now more like a sink hole.

To think, a year ago I was the lightest I'd been in decades.  I even set a PR up The Wall.

Now, I'm a tired slug.

I keep telling myself, Oh it's all the weights you've been liftin', all the pull ups and push ups.

But, then I see it. 

Staring at me in the mirror. 

Like a mini mouth... feed me, feed me, feed me, feed me.

Well, just like Carroll Shelby in Ford vs Ferrari, I'm heading back to LeBigfamilyholidaydinner in 4 weeks.  And I'm brining a Ken Miles attitude with me... we're gonna start chucking parts overboard!

First up... politely let my stillvisiting mom know that candy all over the place has gotta go.

Second... Surfergirl is outta town for a week so that should curb my enthusiasm for lasagna at 9pm.

Third... more water, got off that somehow.

Fourth... wear more clothes on and off the bike.  I have this unproven, psuedo-science theory that if I get cold my body wants to fatten up.  And, it has been cold lately especially in our warehouse.

Fifth... remind myself, it's okay to be a little hungry for a few days because soon my tummy will shrink and that feeling will go away.

Sixth... go ride Swami's next Saturday and get dropped, which will get me ticked off, especially when Andy is singing while I'm seeing stars.  

Seventh... is there a better gift to give myself this year than waking up on 1/1/20 knowing I won't have some stupid NY resolution like turning my sink hole into a button hole?


I guess this means I really gotta ride with purpose... probably a lot of zone 2, the sinkholefilling kinda pace.




166.2 lbs 
0 pull ups/0 push ups
6 hours sleep - I know, but that movie was so good last night

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