BREAKTHROUGHS ARE WEIRD.  We work and work and work to get better and seemingly get nowhere.  Then, as if touched by the gods, we are magically better.  The leap in improvement seems overnight.

But, that's not really how it works.  

The effort, the probing, the trying new things, etc... like the straw that broke the camel's back... eventually breaks us through to... better.

Works every time.  Persistence pays.

Just not how we think.

For instance... somehow my chess rating has jumped about 150 points in the last month... this is after a year of playing, and months stuck at the lower rating.  Can't really place my finger on when it happened, but one day I took a different approach and it worked.

Or... my quest to drop 10 lbs.  Been on that for a couple of years.  Trying all kinds of kooky stuff... then last summer I stumbled upon my fruit 'till noon.  Bam, I'm down 10.

Next up... it's not settled 100%, but I'm thinking of going for my PR on Harding.  


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