SOME RISKS I'M WILLING TO TAKE, others I'm not.  We're all that way, and I'm sure we're all completely justified for our ways of thinking.  That said, we are on bicycles, traveling at a good clip... and, well... sometimes I get to wondering...

... Whattheheck are ya thinking!

Is it just me?

Here are the opposite ends of the spectrum:

New superbike <--->  Old bucket a bolts

Riding a pristine paved road with no one around <---> Charging down a mountain

Somewhere in there we all demonstrate our risk tolerance.

Me personally,

I'd slowly ride a rusted out bucket of bolts down the boardwalk on a sunny summer day with an easy breez, no prob... but, I'd never trust it with my life. 

I'd charge trails that would be tough to walk down or up, and tuck a nice paved road at 50mph on a new superbike... and love it.

But, those cats who throw down a few Benjamins on a Walmart whip or a Craigslist cringer then head out and go Full Send...

... oh man, you've got my attention... not sure about my respect... but my attention for sure...

... and I'll probably speak up,
get shut down
and uncomfortably settle in
like some creepy voyeur...

... wonderin' how they approach the rest of their lives.

But that's not how we roll, right?

Nope, we take some risks for sure... but we leave nothing to chance.

Especially not our helmets.

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