WE WENT TO BUY A BIKE FOR SURFERGIRL TODAY, and I realized bike shops aren't really bike shops anymore.  They are showrooms.  Mostly gone are the days of driving down and picking up a bike.

Is this a good thing?  

It's not good if you want something quick and cheep and mostly adequate.

But, we - you and me - we don't want that anymore, and neither does she... thank God Adam Smith's 'Invisible Hand' knows this...

We want something beautiful,
in just the right color,
with just the right components,
at just the right price.

So, "the hand" delivers us just what we are looking for once we scope out the basics at the bike showroom.

Takes a little longer, and we like it that way.


... I'm willing to bet this video will be the best 2 or so minutes you'll spend today. 


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