TONIGHT, ON THE EVE OF A NEW DECADE... I'll be depriving myself of my much needed handsomesleep.

I'll wake up too early.

Stumble around.

In a fog.

And that is my biggest failure of 2019 - not getting enough of this free magical elixir.

Will be 2020 any different?

It's not gonna be off to a good start.

I will for sure rise early to ride with 500 of my closest friends as we take over Pacific Coast Highway.

Want to go faster?

Sleep more.

Want to react quicker?

Sleep more.

Want to be smarter?

Sleep more.

Want to lose weight?

Sleep more.

Want to look better?

Sleep more.

Want to....

...sleep more.


This is the point where I include some sort of cool product I've found to enhance the riding experience... you know that.. and you're probably wondering how's The Old Diesel gonna work that in...

... well, I just did my darnedest to sell myself (and you) on sleeping more...

... and it's free.

No promo code needed.


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7 hrs sleep
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