THANKFULLY, I WASN'T FORCED TO BRAVE THE WEATHER CHANNEL'S PREDICTED DOOM.  The chill was even gone, roads on the drying side of wet.

From my perch, I could see squalls to the north and south.

It'd be a HVY MTL day, close to home.

Lotsa climbing.

The big feat would be how much vert in 2 hours.

My metric, in case your wondering or comparing (never a good thing), is feet gained/miles ridden... anything over 100'/mile inmyhumbleopinyun is an honest climbing day.

What I didn't count on was finding a new path/road/trail... right above my dawgawn office.  Jake probably knew (in answer to who knew?), but I didn't... and it made the feat that much better.

There's just something about HVY MTL... it's a bloodhound for new routes.

... which I freakin' love.

Along with all the lovin' was a whole lot of huffin' and puffin... I managed

4000' in 24 miles <- 166'/mile

My Florida friends couldn't do that if they hit the big overpass over and over.

My Rocky Mountain friends could do it on one big climb.

Took me 8 climbs, but that's how our town is...

...wildly challenging, dirt or road, like the Wild Child kits...

a wild place to ride... which probably inspired these designs.

Ride Your Bike!, tb


165 lbs 
7 hours sleep

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