MY BUDDY BRETT IS A VERY UNKNOWN BIG SHOT IN THE CYCLING WORLD.  When he comes to town, I listen.  His stories about past and present cycling, the ones you will never read, always deliver.  They are backed up by his massive collection of memorabilia:  The Horton Collection.

Last night he told me of one of his projects to have 4 custom steel frames made by 4 famous builders.  It was a collaboration with Campy, showcasing their newest 10-speed group set.

That's cool, but this is the juicy stuff.

He's had many famous and not famous riders come by and sent them around the test loop which features a down hill, a flat, a climb and a roller.  He's then asked each of them, Which is your favorite?

There is no clear cut winner. 

From Adams to Zabel, the answers are as wide ranging as the riders themselves.  Which got me thinking...

If beauty is in they eye of the beholder,
Then so are the solutions to our challenges as a country.
Dividing ourselves between us and them is not going to deliver the best answers.
Let us behold each other,
Appreciate each other,
Love each other.
Honor each other.
Listen to each other.


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