EVERY NOW AND THEN I GET A CHANCE BEHIND THE COUNTER AT THE LOCAL BIKE SHOP.  I don't try and get there, but in the course of conversation I'll hear Come over and take a look... such a sweet sound.  

The reason for the invitation is I've asked a million questions and it just becomes easier to show me what they're looking at on their computer screen.  I'm not trying to wear the person down, I'm just curious as heck as to what's available to me and my conservative budget.

I really should resist the invitation because it nearly always ends up with me wanting something either they can't get or I don't want to spring for.

Tonight it was a beautiful aluminum "gravel" frameset. 

I said, I'll take it.
He said, Sold out.
I said, Only on the West Coast.
He said, with a hesitant hiss, I'll call in the morning.

To be nice, he made that offer knowing that it's most likely sold out on the East Coast too but they just haven't updated the internal inventory.

Though I know the outcome is almost always the same, It's still a sweet feeling to be on that side of the counter.  Every now and then we find a gem.  So I'll keep asking, they'll keep inviting, I'll keep going.


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