SOMEDAYS ON  SUNDAYS MY LEGS ARE HURTIN'.  After yesterday's peppy jaunt around the county, today is one of them.  Didn't really notice it until a late afternoon walk up a coupla a sets of stairs.

Which reminds me of a question my pal Talley asked.

Do you ride to "get it over with” so you can reward yourself OR is your ride the reward? 

My reply...

I think it's some of both... though, lately I've been riding end of day a lot more... it's nice to look forward to and it forces me to compress the work day, not let it leak into dinner and the evening.

A few years ago I read The 5 Hour Workday, and we committed to it pretty hard.  But, somehow we lost our discipline and drifted back into the 8 to 10 hour workday.

Perhaps this is the right time to recommit?  I'm gonna dig that book back up.

... and run this another day.

You provide the ziploc bags, I'll provide the promo code: POWDERDRY

... unless you're in the PEDALposse and have the more better code.


166 lbs 
Stretch and Roll
7.5 hours sleep