IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE SIMULATION, then you've got to consider the reality of NPCs.  Christians know the verse In the beginning was the Word, coders use words and text...

... to create virtual worlds.

 Today, I was an NPC.

For gamers, NPCs are non-player combatants.  Their threat is real, they are easily killed, there isn't a human player controlling them...

... they are part of the simulation.

I had every intention of doing the local group ride today.  It's been months, and I needed a final beat down before the racing starts on Friday.

Up early.
In the van.
Rain started pouring.

I was easily taken out of the game as the road soaked and the tires hydroplaned. While I generally enjoy the occasional ride in the rain...

...not this one,
not on my race bike, 
not right before I'll need it working perfectly.

And why ride soaked for 3 hours?

Maybe I'm not an unconscious NPC?
Maybe we are in a simulation?

Either way, I'll be back out later today when the clouds clear.  Gotta get that final hardy ride in...

... no NPCs are showing up at the races.

Are they? 

If you're feeling like an NPC,
if you need a weekly kick in the lycra,
if you thrive hanging out with players IRL...

... today is the last day to join us who are playing the big game.


7 hrs Sleep
1 RaceDay Ready Strength Circuit
20 minutes recovery 
60 minutes reading + Journaling