THE FIRST WHACK WAS TO MY RIGHT FOREARM.  A little blood drawn.  The next was on my left elbow.  More red stuff.  Followed by a direct hit to my right knuckles.  Right through my superlight gloves.  The final attempt would been the worst, right in the face but I ducked just in time.

It'a artichoke thistle time.

And they're out in force.

'Not sure I've ever it seen this bad.

I don't mind it much. 

I mean, if ya ain't bleeding ya ain't trying when it comes to MTB riding.  And trust me there are plenty of opportunities to bleed around here.

Could they be avoided, sure if I slowed down.

Where's the fun in that?

What's fun is ripping around after a long day working, when it's cooled down some...

... with a firm grip via my superlight gloves.

Lots of color options, all delivered for $20 including shipping.


165 lbs 
Coach Loran Live
7.5 hours sleep

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