WE ALL HAVE OUR SUPERSTITIOUS BELIEFS.  Some are rituals we Have to do, others drinks or foods or warm ups.  Even if we think we are rational...

... we aren't, as much as we think.

I'm okay with that.

Conceiving is believing is achieving.

It's a well worn trail to enlightment and confidence.

But, when one of our Gotta haves is missing it can throw us off our game...

... really mess with our heads.

Then we have a choice.

Believe all is lost or potentially breakthrough to a new way of doing things.

I have found breaking the superstitions to generally be a good way to develop what was once a potential skill into something I know and can depend on.

Case in point:

During my travels to these races I've managed to misplace my Wahoo.  How you ask? By not putting it back in the proper pocket of my RaceDay Bag™.  Oops.

If there was ever a time to use a computer to track our efforts, it's Saturday's 40 miles MTB race.  From experience, I know there will be hours when I'm alone.  That would be an ideal time to lean on the HR monitor for pacing.

I do have my Apple Watch.  I can glance at it occasionally, but not as easily or safely at speed, off road..

TBH, I wish I had the Wahoo.  It's useful.  I trust it.

There are two choices:

  • cry, Wo is me, all is lost
  • or, F' that... it probably kept me from going fast enough anyway.

By now, you know me well enough to know how I'll play... 

... and how I recommend you play it.

As I state in my book, Expect good things to happen. 


I wrote the above earlier today, before the TT in the afternoon.  

Riding purely on feel, I started out slower than last year but managed to PR the course.  I'm pretty happy with that, and encouraged to ride on feel tomorrow. 

Dominic, from New Jersey, introduced himself to me at the Cactus Cup venue this morning.  He had one of my book flyers in his hand, wrinkled.

Do you have any books?

Oh man, no I don't.

Shame on you.

I'm sorry, and thanks for the reminder.  You can always order it and pay the shipping.

I know, just wanted a signed copy.  

163ish (no scale)
8 hrs
0 Pull Ups + 0 Power PushUps + 0 Heavy Squats
1- minutes recovery
120 minutes reading + Journaling