IN 2005, I WAS 75% THROUGH MY CHAMPIONSHIP WINNING SUPER-D.  Totally in the zone.  I'd just block passed a dude that just wouldn't get outta my way, and wanted to put as much distance as possible between the two of us.  Carving through the trees, I came to a very steep drop with a ladder to help with traction.  I was going too fast.

At the bottom of the ladder, my suspension compressed completely. 

My body kept moving.

Head first into the dirt.

I was stunned.

Covered in moon dust.

Nothing was broken - bones or bike.

I grabbed my bike, left my Oakleys in the dirt, and proceeded to shred the rest of the race course.

I won a 25 minute long race... by 7 seconds.

Forget the glorious ending... racing or not, if I'd laid there and slowly dusted myself off, found and cleaned my Oakleys, taken a "deep breath"... I eventually would have gotten back up to speed.  

Instead, I harnessed my Angrinalin.  Anger +Adrenalin.

Any hesitation and overwhelming power would have been lost.

May the Angrinalin be with you.

... and my you get back with great stories to tell.

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167.6 lbs 
Stretch n Roll
7.5 hours sleep


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