THIS IS HOW SELFISH I AM.  I was very apprehensive about attempting the Surf N Summit by myself.  At 122 miles, 15000' of vert, with 10's of miles on desolate gravel roads...

... I was too scared to go it alone.

So, I invited and invited and invited until...

... I had a small group of warriors to take it on with me.

For most of these brave souls, 
it would be their farthest ride ever.

By a long shot.

Which meant I'd be doing a lot of the pulling across the flats, 
and I was totally down with that, as well as...

  • Putting together a training plan for those who needed it
  • Buying dinner the night before (though they all wound up paying me back)
  • Teaching some of them how to download routes

... basically all I could think of to make sure they'd make it with me.

That's how selfish I can be,
just to get a few hearty gents,
to do more than they ever thought possible...

... and accompany on my personal quest,
because I had to get it done.

Have you been that selfish?
I bet you have.


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163.8 lbs
8ish hrs
1 Rip On RaceDay Circuit + more
10 minutes recovery
90 minutes reading + Journaling