ARE YOU ENJOYING THE GAME?  I've heard this question asked of Tadej several times.  I like it.  Because, while he is the best of the rest, he is still a kid.  A true babyface.  And, he looks like he's having fun...

... for us it should always be fun.

Yesterday someone commented on a post saying how happy he was now that he wasn't racing. It was a "relief to be rid all the stress and energy put into chasing ego driven rewards"...

... to which I could only respond, Sounds like you were racing for the wrong reasons.  I meant it with love.

Everybody has to make their own decision on what's right for them.  How far to push, and why push so far?

For me, keeping Sundays off limits for training, and nearly all racing, is the way to keep it in perspective.  

The license plate above, IDNTRCE, resonates with me. 

It's on a truly badass Mustang. 


Sexy wheels.

With a nasty growling V8, that can peal rubber from here to New York City. 

I'm sure the driver races all over town, every chance she can get...

... she's racing her own race...

... her own game.

It's all a game.

If things are getting a little too serious maybe it's time for some whimsical socks.

These beauties we developed using a specials EZ Breathe Yarn to create our FastMax compression.

Truly amazing... and check out the dealio below.

Keep this on the downlow, okay?

This is top secret.

If you purchase 2 pair of socks, you get 1 pair free.  

No promo code needed.

Coo-coo, I know.

Have you checked out the PEDALposse?

If won't save you anything additional on the above, but it would save you a helmet full of gold on future orders.

Check it out.


8 hrs 
Paddle Surf A.M.

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