I'M GOING WAY OUT ON A LIMB HERE, but we are getting slower.  And I'd say we are getting a lot slower.  It's sad, even depressing, because it's so obviously tragic...

... and I'm here to tell you why it doesn't matter.

You know societally "we" are slower, and I think you are aware of the reasons.

However, we/us/me/you, we are actually a lot faster.  

But, do you know why?

Of course part of it is that everything is better:  bikes, training, nutrition, recovery.  That all helps a lot.  However, I think there is something hidden that is allowing us to be faster...

... social media, that evil beast, is allowing us - me and you - to connect.  

It's so much easier to plan a meet up, monitor each - more about that, and get feedback on how we're doing.

Pretty cool, right?

So, while society is hell bent on ruining, abusing and taken for granted these beautiful bodies we've been given...

... we are connecting with each other and tightening our bonds.

Admittedly, it can be creepy when someone rides up and comments on a recent activity and gets really specific about it.  Or, when we get a cringeworthy comment.  But on the whole I think it's awesome to get to know so many of likeminded athletes I would otherwise never connect with...

... I know it's made me a better rider, and a better person.

There are a ton of readers I hope to meet up with in person one day and shake their glove covered hands.

In fact it was two readers, Chris and Jorge, that begged me to make white gloves.  I was hesitant, but they've done really well.

I think it's because they are perceived to be a little cooler, and for sure the are oddly more visible to other moving vehicles.

Use promo code: WE-R-FASTER

And when you order the gloves and matching socks you'll get the socks free at check out.


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