LATE AS USUAL, I carved through the elementary school... my 4 minute saving short cut.  Sliced the b-ball courts, skirted the empty lockers and jumped the curb to cut across the silent parking lot.

On the main street, a lone rider approached in the opposing lane.

A hoodie, no helmet.
Jeans, no lycra.
E-power, not woman power.

I flashed the peace sign.
She flashed a smile.

We knew.

We knew we were onto something.

We knew.

We knew though our rides were going to be very different it di'in't matter.

We knew...

... and we rode on into the morning, smiling.

With some effort, I managed to catch the guys... we rode hard and met up with the rest of 'em, and then rode a lot harder... then we peeled off and rode easier... alone again I slowed it down a bit more.

Still smiling.

That was the first leg of my triathlon...

... the second was a healthy surf sesh with the family...

... the third leg was the toughest of all...

... forcing myself to wake up after picking up my book and promptly going comatose.

It's been a long time since I'd napped that hard.  Probably needed it.  Definitely.

Some days are pretty hard charging, like today. 

Others are pretty darn relaxing, like tomorrow. 

But, no matter what they're all RaceDays to me.  

All have a purpose.

None go to waste.

Every Day Is RaceDay... and if you're of that ilk, then ya just might like this hat.  It won't ship for about 2 weeks because I just got the idea to make 'em t'nite.

The hat will ship for free if you order within 30 minutes of reading this.  For less than 20 bones you can sport this hat... just remember, not shipping for a few weeks - gotta get 'em made.


165 lbs 
7.5 hours sleep