I DON'T HAVE MUCH, SO IT'S NOT SAYING MUCH WHEN I SAY IT TOOK EVERYTHING I HAD... but, It took everything I had to leave it in the small ring this morning.

I had to.
My legs felt great.
4 days on Catalina left 'em fresh,
but I wanted to save that feeling for tomorrow's TMWC.

Leaving it in the small ring is a great reminder to take it easy.  You start shifting that chain down in the lower cogs and it takes a lot of shifts to go fast.  Which is when the reminding comes in.


It's funny how I really can't get away from the bike even when I don't have a bike.  We were off on a family reunion with water and snorkeling and paddling and sailing on our minds.

On the way out of Peedro (localspeak) the domes atop PV reminded me how fun the Donut Ride can be and that I need to get back up there.

On the Island you can rent bikes to get around.  You can also ride on all the fire roads, going from one end to the other... but, bring your own bike would be my recommendation.

On the way back, the lady across the row started talking about Brian and Joy McCulloch and the Redlands bike race.  We're doing some gear for their Big Wheel Coaching... small world.


So, we're back.
I'm rested, and fatter.
It'll still hurt tomorrow.

PS It was my first time camping on Catalina, it won't be the last.

PSS if you're planning on doing the unOFFICIAL TMWC please sign up now or we'll have to pull the plug.


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