SURFERGIRL SPLIT FOR HIGHER PASTURES YESTERDEE.  I looked at her long-faced, swore I didn't know what I'd do with myself...

... then started planning today's ride...

'cause ain't no riding like the riding when she's gone.

Typical Friday, messages and posts... What 'er ya doin'?  Did you hear about X ride? etc

I wanted to say yes to all of 'em, being all pent up with my self-imposed, weakly regulated offthebike rest week.

I committed to meetin' the fellas by the harbor and heading up the coast to connect with the newly resurrected Food Park group ride.  Shamed PViddy into joining us - I'm not in shape - I know, that's why you should come - I'm gonna get dropped - I know, it'll be fun.

Our little posse met up with the group.

Lotsa good feelings, guys come from all parts to do the ride and we hadn't seen each other since it's summer demise - another topic.

Cheyne, how far you going?

Gonna do a hundy.

So, of course I thought I'd do the same.

We peeled off from the group.  Then went our separate ways.

I stopped for an apple danish at Hidden House, ran into Dylan and Mike and Alessandro.

65 miles in, 35 to go. What's a bachelor to do?

Then tragedy struck at mile 90.


Sliced sidewall.

I popped off my Mini-RaceDay bag, ready for a quick fix.


No nozzle for my cartridge... I then remembered I'd loaned it to a buddy on a ride and forgotten to repo it.  Rats!

Luckily, I have a million friends - fact - who ride.

Called one... I moved.

Called two... no answer.

Called three... I'm out, but wife is home.


Two blocks in my socks.

Got 'er fixed, and shot straight for the local, quirky bakery for an unpronouncable sandwich.

Lesson of the day:  be sure the vastly superior Mini RaceDay bag is loaded.

Click the image for details - I dare you... not really, but it's cool.   Check it out .



165 lbs
0 pullups/0 pushups
6.5 hrs sleep
6 hour ride.

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