THERE IS NOTHING LIKE RIDING with no particular place to go.  While aimlessness is looked down upon in general...

... on a bike, it's the best.

Like today.

My only objective was to find the roughest trails around so i could further refine my suspension set up.  The goal is to max out the travel once on every ride...

... that's the full party mode.

Best tracking through corners,
smoothest ride, 
max speeds.

So, when I came across a sign for a new2me trail that read Everything's Getting Worse...

... I couldn't resist.

It's newish, 
quite skinny,
carved into a steep hillside,
with very tight switch backs,
culminating in controlled skid through a slot canyon...

... perfect.

Aimlessness wins the day, yet again.

You know who wasn't aimless?  Benjamin Franklyn, maybe the best autobiography I ever read.

Just another reason to rock the red, white and blue next month...

... are you ready?

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7.75 hrs 83%
Body Water 60%
Pull Ups + Power PushUps + Heavy Squats 
30 minutes recovery
70 minutes reading + Journaling