A FULL 18 MONTHS INTO MY PROFESSIONAL RACING CAREER... start young enough and it's impossible not to have this dream, for every single ride is faster and further... I met what seemed to be an old crusty cat running a forgotten bike shop, he was probably mid-30s.

He sagely whispered, It takes 3 years to find out what kind of racer you'll be.

I thought, Whatever dude, I'm going to race that big thing in France.

Many times I've considered his statement.  He meant I'd find out if I was a road racer or crit racer or circuit racer, for those were the choices at the time.

Surely I'd be a pro on the road... actually, I wound up a decent amateur on circuit courses.

But, maybe he'd meant something deeper?... for I'd learned a secret.

After the races, there are more races. 

Each race presenting new challenges, requiring new skills.  A chance to improve.  To find harder races, against faster competition.  To set larger goals that butt up to the impossible, and get after it.

Sure, wanting to win... but more importantly, knowing that each race leaves me a better version of myself...

... eagerly awaiting the next race.

The next chance to strap on my helmet and see who I've become.

The first time, the very first time I placed the Protone - the blue one - atop my head I knew it was a winner.   Perfect fit.  Great airflow.

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166.4 lbs
Office Move Pt. 2
7 hours sleep

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