SO, I’VE BEEN LIFTING WEIGHTS AT 6AM 2-3 TIMES A WEEK, M-W-F.  Here’s what I know so far:

My muscles are very tired the day after… but less tired if I can get in an afternoon spin the same day I lift.

I’m climbing seated more.  I think that’s due to all the hamstring, butt, back and core work… but it could just be that I’m too tired to stand.

I feel very stable and powerful in an aero position, going all out in group rides.

I’m stronger, definitely.  I’m lifting more weight than when I started, which isn’t saying much… but it’s true, I’ve maxed out my dumbbell set.

I’m spinning more, but I think that’s the soreness.

My endurance seems to be increasing.

I’m not too big on data.  I don’t use a power meter.  My battery in the heart rate monitor died, so I’m not tracking that either.  It’s all just anecdotal so far… except, I’m definitely a pound or 2 lighter.

What I still want to learn, is the best way to do the big Tuesday and Saturday rides I love and keep incorporating the weight lifting?

Time to see Kal.