THERE IT WAS, THE DREADED BLANK SCREEN ON MY COMPUTER.  OMG!, would the ride make it to the Stravaverse?  At that exact moment, with my HR bouncing off the rev limiter, we hit a red light and I quickly started the app...

... which was sweet, only losing about 2 minutes of allimportant data.

But, that's not the truly sweet discovery.

Crud... I really hesitate to share this. 

So many the hearty souls I battle on a regular basis scan this blog and stalk me on the socials for my seeeecrits.  Alas, it is such a simple solution to a problem I'm sure they'll skip it...

... they are so smart.

Here's what I did.

To start, this is the second hard effort using this solution and I really like it.  First on HOT LAPS WDNSDY's 80 minutes of torture and today's spirited hundy. 

It's quick energy...

... runny enough to easily chug,
... dense enough that 600 calories fit in a small flask,
... and tastes great.

I'm trying to think of hints to give you, but they are all so obvious...

... the first time person I met that used this was Ted King.
... it comes from trees
... it's great on pancakes.

Yep.  100% organic maple syrup.  

Apparently, it's a lot more than just sugar.  Read here.

In addition to the 3/4 cup flask, I had 2 bottles with 2 scoops of Skratch and one RX Bar.  My energy was great.  The last hour or so my stomach felt pretty empty.  I think a Honey Stinger Waffle would have been a nice addition to bring me home.

I'm gonna keep testing... and rider Phil deserves a shout on this as it was a chat last week that reminded me of my convo with Ted.


I wonder if my super endurance buddies, the 200-300 miles a day guys, would just fill an entire water bottle with syrup?

It goes down so quick, you barely taste it.  

If so, they might want to stock up on this awesome bottle that goes for as little as $2.  Not because it's cheap, because I scored thousands from my friend's business before he shut it down.

No promo code on this one... it's too good of a deal.



164.4 lbs
Stretch and Hypervolt
6.8 hrs