BILL SHAKESPEARE SAID IT BEST VIA JULIETTE, That which we call a ride by any other name would still be rad.  It's great to take the time to properly name our rides.  To find them later and to exercise our creativity are my top reasons...

... but, sometimes there's a sneakier reason.

The sneaky reason in today's ride name is to plant a seed in my mind and the minds of my friends that on New Year's Day we're gonna do something big.  So I named the ride...

... Recon Toddy's Naught New Year's Ride.

By putting it out there early I'm committing myself to get out and ride on 1/1 as well pre-committing my friends todo the same.

Inserting Recon in the title might create some curiosity as to where I rode.

Changing my name to Toddy sounds playful, and enticing.

Using the adjective Naughty gives me leeway as the inviter to throw in a few unexpected sections.

Wrapping it up with New Year's Ride makes it sound official, commemorative... like the kind of ride you don't want to miss. 

You might be asking yourself should you come?


What kind of bike would work??

Gravel best... MTB workwill work fine... only the most talented would ride a road bike.

How long will it be?

Somewhere between 100k and 100mi, around 6000' of vertical... figure 6-7 hours.

Any sag?

Nope, but we will have a 24hr AM/PM on the route about 3 hours in.

What will the pace be like?

We'll be moving right along, and we will be chatting.

What if I have a mechanical?

The bigger the group the less likely we are to stop, bringing a buddy would be a good idea.

Is this a no drop ride?

Aren't they all?... don't get dropped.

Start time?

I'll announce the exact start time later, somewhere between 8 and 9 am.

Any other questions, drop me a note.


It'll be long enough to definitely want some Butt'r, and maybe some PR Lotion.


Use promo code TODDYSNAUGHTY

And save 30% on the 2nd item.


Stretch HyperVolt
8 hrs

From the ride