QUICKIES... we do custom bags for a team called Getting It In Cyclists.  I like that, because sometimes I'm squeezed for time but I still get the ride in.

Like today.

I knew I had a bunch a stuff to do, and I knew I wanted to loosen up the legs before the first race of the year on Saturday.

Laid out my stuff last night.
Feet never touched the floor, right into the socks.
Slipped on the clothes, slipped out the door.
Back in 90 min.
Outta the shower before Freddie could cry the final line...

'Cause we are the champions

... and champions figure out a way to get it in.

Speaking of getting in... a lot of my pals got into Leadville via the lottery this week.  Which reminded me I need to finish my book...

How To Win The Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race

The book covers the many secrets I've squirreled away after 6 successful BigBeltBuckle finishes.

It's the kind of read the Posse will get just for being part of the Posse.



100 pushups
8 hours sleep

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