THIS MUST BE WHAT MONTY HALL FELT LIKE... her shock, way back on Christmas Day; then her joy today, when it was finally ready for a ride.

It'd been years since her last new road bike... which was preceded by the arrival of Trevor, making us a party of 3.

Oh, there had been plenty of mountain bikes and motorcycles and surfboards during that time... as well as our party growing to 5 with Shane and Shelby.

But, no road bikes.

It was probably my doing... we lived in a mountain bike mecca and that's all I rode for years.

Then, I got into the road scene via Trevor's passion for it.

He got out of it, I stayed fully immersed... loving it.

She didn't seem to care.

Did she?

Did she mind being a road widow?

Didn't seem like it... but, I'm a dude... and dudes can be sooooo clueless.

The last month has been like watering a dry plant.

I may not be the be the quickest of riders,
but, I got this one right.


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