NETFLIX HAS THIS GREAT DOCUMENTARY RIGHT NOW CALLED A LIFE OF SPEED: The Juan Manual Fangio Story.  Fangio won multiple championships with 4 different manufacturers:  MercedesBenz, AlfaRomeo, Ferrari and Maserati.  He raced F1 well into his 40's. 

That will never happen again.

Unlike bicycle racing, today race car success is much more about the car and the team behind the driver... some say it's only 5% the driver.

For us, it's much more about the athlete.  I'd say it's athlete first, team second, then the equipment.

We all know FitDiesel much faster than FatDiesel.  

One thing I've noticed with all the upper body and core work I've been doing is that I can climb endlessly out of the saddle.  It's truly remarkable.  I never realized the reason I would sit down on a climb and spin had so much to do with how pathetically weak I had become.

Do you pushups and pullups... and stay tuned because this month we're launching our first work out video.  In less than 2% of your day, you're gonna get your butt kicked... and lover every minute of it.

Which brings me back to Fangio.  Several times he repeated the following words...

You must always strive to be the best,
but you must never believe you are.

On the surface it's easy to say, Well yeah.  But there's real gold there.  If ya think about it...

You must always strive to be the best, 
but you must never believe you are.

... World Champion gold.

Part of being the best is looking for opportunities to win.  An open gap to shoot, an inside line to take... 

... so, while things have been slowed down on the cycling side of our biz, we are all hands on deck making fleece face masks.  


We launched a fleece mask specific site today.  We have plain colors in stock, ready to ship... and yes, we can make them in your team colors too.



164.6 lbs 
Legs/Shoulders/Abs with Coach Loran
8 hours sleep


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