STARVA EMAILED ME I'D LOST MY KOM TO PRO PETER STETINA... and that my finefriends is a helluva compliment to... not yours diesely... but the great Coach Brian McCulloch.

But, why did they email moi?

It all started back at the Filthy 50...

... there I was bobbing and weaving through a CharlieBrown dust cloud full of hundreds of my closest friends, pegged to Ty's shwartz, along with the other hitters KenWinston and Jeff Ward...

... and along comes Coach Brian on his gravel bike...

TB get on my wheel!

Instantly I go from pegged to ludicrous speed.  It's all I can do to stay on, but he's my coach and my friend and he's on a mission to get to the front.

This part of the Filthy is flat and a gravel road called BWR Section #4... in other words, it's also part of the very famous Belgian Waffle Ride put on by Sir MMX.

... and we are flyyyy ing...

TyJeffKen, long gone.

The end of the segment is quite rocky and unfortunately for Bri he punctured, graciously cheering me.

So, I got the KOM...

... and Pro Peter snatched it from me today.

Which is pretty cool... I mean if ya have to lose it, lose it big.

Speaking of losing big... my post yesterday about the hurrying... yeah, well, I also hurried the matching socks and the Red is a deeper red than the gloves and matching kit. 

So, I'm gonna blow 'em out.... get 'em while ya can.

They are absolutely amazing socks... and if you've ever had better I'll be shocked.

They're yours for $9.82... all in, shipping included.

Of course, if you want to wait a few weeks for the correct color you can but the price will be $15.99.  Totally your call. 



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