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WHAT'S IN YOUR GARAGE COULD CONVICT YOU.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  

A few that might shrug the evidence of their life.
But me?
Probably not.
It's bikes and boards,
helmets and wetsuits
shoes and fins,
lube and wax...
We're guilty,
we play.

That's our garage above.  It's tiny and packed.

Sometimes I get garage envy.

Some of my friends, oh man.  Their garage floors you could eat off.  Their toolsets match the best bike shops.  And their quiver of rides... exquisite.  One friend has a walk-in washing bay for his bikes.  

It's not coveting so much as admiration for my friends' creativity in building out their garages.  It's also admiration for their contributions to society; each one has done something amazing in the marketplace.  I truly appreciate what they've accomplished as I struggle along building my own dreams.

How do you plea?

Guilty your Honor: of playing, of staying active and strong, of maximizing our body's potential.

... and the best part?

It's that you're my peers, and I couldn't think of a finer jury to go through life with.

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