TODAY'S RIDE PLANS SHIFTED FROM MORNING TO AFTERNOON AND BACK TO MORNING... from Friday to 5am today.  The Weather Channel was in control, and their nifty little radar map would chart our course.

First, I had to roust the posse.  A few responded, most dreamt on... of drier days.

Second, pick the meeting points and ride.  We opted to catch up with Canyon Velo.

Nothing went according to plan.

First, nobody showed for Canyon Velo... NOBODY!  What is the world coming to???  This ride is powered by some of the gnarliest cats in town.  But, cats don't like water.

Second, we rode over to the Start/Finish of the '84 Olympic road course.  Mike and Eric had never done it, so we did it.  Decent time, too... big cup top 10s... shout out to Peter Aquino for owning the KOM.  No way could I sustain that pace for the 118 miles they road 35 years ago.  (I need to write about how that race got it all started for me.)

Third, we scrapped the plan to pound Robinson Ranch because when we got close it was covered in clouds and raining.

Fourth, I put in a call to C.Hill.  Bro, is it raining over there?  No.  Think we loop through Coto.  Yes, I think so... come by and get a cinnamon roll and cookies... I forgave him for opting to ride later in the day.

Fifth, our plan to skirt the rain was perfect except for about 5 minutes when a rogue, black cloud broke loose.  Shoes full of water wet.

Some times the best laid plans are nothing compared to a good adventure.

Looking for CV

This loop is awesome

A cloud to far


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